Choosing the Best Vanity Tops in Boynton Beach and What Factors Matter the Most

Anytime you are remodeling your bathroom, the process can be tricky in knowing how to select the best vanity tops in Boynton Beach. You want to choose one that will increase the value of your home and add a sense of style to it. Research shows that the average homeowner will spend $62,000 in renovating their bathroom, and they will recoup 67% of what it costs. 

The countertops are one area that everyone sees the moment they walk into the bathroom. 

You want to choose one that matches your tastes, style and offers durability to improve the look and feel. Using select approaches makes the process easier, and it helps you enhance the value and appearance of your bathroom. 

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Who is Using the Countertops?

When selecting a vanity countertop, you want to think about who will be using it and the frequency. You and your partner might want to look at what both of you will be doing to select the proper amount of space. 

For example, if one of you is doing make-up and using curling irons on your hair, you might want to think about extra space. The idea is to ensure there is enough room for everything, and it is always better to have a bit extra space versus not enough. 

The Style of Vanity Tops 

The styles of the vanity tops in Boynton Beach vary, as each one offers something unique. The different styles include

  • Quartz: Quartz countertops contain 95% quartz, and the rest come from recycled materials, resin, and pigments. Quartz is durable, waterproof, and you don’t have to do lots of sealing after it is installed. The most significant drawback is quartz can easily chip around the edges and take away from the beauty of the countertops.  
  • Granite: Granite countertops are one of the most popular among homeowners, and they are willing to pay higher prices for this vanity. Granite comes in many different colors, styles, and patterns to give your bathroom the look you want. Granite countertops can withstand Florida’s heat and humidity and don’t curl when exposed to things likes iron or curling irons. The biggest drawback is that granite countertops in Boynton Beach cost more than other choices. 
  • Marble comes from limestone and comes in solid colors that show stripe-like lines going through them. Marble offers style, and luxury in bathrooms and is sought after by higher-end homes. The most significant drawbacks are it is easily scratched, and the costs can become expensive when putting them onto your vanity. 
  • Concrete: Concrete countertops are trendy in the master bathrooms of homes and can go with any design. Concrete offers a modern look; with the flexibility to adjust to the size of the sink, bathroom, and you have a choice of colors. The most significant drawback is the concrete can chip on the edges from wear and tear. 

At Best Priced Kitchens, we have affordable prices of granite and quartz starting at $22.00 per square foot with installation. 


When designing the vanity, think about potential obstacles that impact the movement in and out of the bathroom. You want to look at:

  • The Position of the Doors: If they swing inward and hit the countertops, you will become annoyed by this, and it increases the odds of damaging the vanity. 
  • The Toilet: Think about if you want the countertops in front, off to the side, and make sure you will not be bumping into them. 
  • The Shower: If you have a shower door, you want to ensure that when it swings open or closed, it will not hit the countertops. 
  • Traffic Patterns: Bathrooms can be a busy place, and you want to consider who will be going into them. The idea is to make sure there is plenty of space, and you will not be bumping into things when going in or out of them. 

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