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Tips for Choosing the Best Vanity Tops in Boynton Beach for You

There are multiple options out in the world when it comes to choosing your vanity tops in Boynton Beach. You have multiple textures, colors, providers, and material durability. You also have styles for the bottom of your vanity. It may seem as though this is an easy realm to overlook, but choosing the perfect vanity is more important than you might think. First and foremost, you must remember that your vanity, especially if in a master bedroom, will get plenty of use. This is where you’ll brush your teeth, do your make-up, and wash your face. With all of the different substances that are likely to fall onto your vanity, you’ll want to be sure you’re choosing a material that fits your needs and your lifestyle. 


In this article, we’ve highlighted a few of our top favorite vanity top materials. See which fits you best! 


Granite and Marble Vanity Tops in Boynton Beach 

Two of the most common types of vanity tops are granite and marble. The reason being is that they’re both two of the hardest stones. In kitchens, granite is often used, as it’s known for its heat resistance, stain resistance, and so much more. Another reason why buyers and homeowners are drawn to these types of stone is because of its resale value. Over time, granite and marble rarely change, and rarely lose their value. If you’re looking to sell your home down the road, you’ll be happy to know that a new homeowner would be happy to see that you’ve chosen either granite or marble. These two stones give the look of luxury, without needing to break the bank in the process. 


The difference between marble and granite is that granite is stronger and needs to be sealed. Marble also stains easily, while granite hardly stains at all. Granite is more resilient, which is why many homeowners prefer this material over marble. If you’re someone who isn’t as tidy, granite may be a better, more trusted option. 


Quartz Vanity Tops 

Another option that is as strong as granite is quartz. Quartz is also widely used in kitchens, for its long-lasting durability. It’s difficult to damage, challenging to stain, and not even the hottest of irons will leave it destroyed in any way. Another element that individuals like is that it looks like marble but doesn’t come with the same price tag. Marble can be more expensive than quartz, but from far away, they both look quite similar. Any scratches that do occur on a quartz surface can be buffed out with sandpaper. Talk about an easy and gorgeous option! 


Laminate Vanity Tops 

Laminate isn’t as common as it used to be, but you might be surprised to hear just how handy it is for a countertop or vanity top. Because the material can mimic the look of granite or marble for half the price, it’s not unusual for homeowners to choose this method to save money. In addition to their versatility, laminate solutions can tolerate water. However, this material isn’t trusted for hot items, such as irons. Its strength is less than what stone can be. 


Tile Vanity Top 

In Florida, there are a few homes that have tile vanity tops. These countertops are beautiful, but they do require their fair share of maintenance. The grout in between the tiles can become worn over time, and you may need to have it redone from time to time. It comes with an artistic flair, but it isn’t always the most practical for such a space. However, we highly recommend a tile backsplash to tie the whole room together! 


Wood Vanity Top 

Last, but not least, wood vanities are beautiful, and they’re beginning to gain in popularity and trend. However, wood needs to be sealed by a professional, due to the material’s inability to handle moisture well. 


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