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How to Choose the Beautiful Vanity Tops in Boynton Beach for Your Home

When it comes to choosing vanity tops in Boynton Beach, there are multiple avenues to choose from. You’ll need to consider both the space you have within your home or business, as well as your overall style. You’ll also need to consider what kind of material is going to be best suited for you and your lifestyle. For example, if you’re someone who cooks a lot, then you won’t want sensitive countertops, such as marble. Instead, you’ll want to choose sturdier vanity tops, made of materials like quartz and granite.

Regardless of what material you choose, it’s important that you love the space you’re creating as you and your family are the ones who will be using it. With that in mind, you want to be sure you choose the vanity top that’s best for you and your needs. In this article, we’ve created a guide to help you select your next vanity top. Keep reading to learn more! 


Understanding Your Materials for Vanity Tops in Boynton Beach

First, we want to talk about the types of materials you can choose from. As mentioned above, it’s important that people choose their vanity tops based on their aesthetic and their lifestyles. For example, if you know that you tend to get makeup, or other cosmetic products on the counter every morning, then it’s worth choosing a material that will be more forgiving, such as granite and quartz. Yet, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re choosing for visual appeal, as well as practical appeal.  Fortunately, quartz is a great material that provides security, without being too distracting. However, if you’re someone who wants a luxurious bathroom and you have no problems keeping the area clean, marble could be a beautiful choice for you. 


What are the Benefits of Various Vanity Tops? 

Now that we know a bit more about the types of materials you can choose from, let’s dive a little deeper into what their specific benefits are. Granite is one of the most widely used stones in America, but it didn’t always start that way. In fact, granite used to be considered a lower quality stone. Then, a renowned designer decided to start using granite in one of her projects, and it took off! This stone became one of the most desirable materials for countertops and vanity tops, almost overnight. 

Granite has multiple benefits, including its strength, durability, and longevity. It rarely chips, and it doesn’t give way to stains easily. One of the other added benefits that many individuals don’t think about is its beauty. Granite is a natural stone, meaning that each slab comes with a unique texture or marking. These lines are what make each granite vanity top a one-of-a-kind work of art. 

Quartz, as we mentioned, is also quite desirable. People prefer granite because of its likeness to marble. The advantage, however, is that quartz is far less expensive than marble. It mimics the look, without mimicking the cost. Quartz, because of its man-made make-up, doesn’t always look like marble. In fact, due to the polyresin particles embedded into the stone, quartz can come in a wide variety of colors. This gives you some flexibility when choosing the vanity tops you want and it gives your space unparalleled uniqueness. Quartz can also withstand high temperatures, which is perfect for a woman who uses irons or straighteners. 


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Other types of materials you can use for your vanity tops include tile, laminate, and even wood. The choice is truly yours, and anything you can imagine can be created! If you’re looking for a company to help you find your vanity tops in Boynton Beach, you’re in the right place. At Best Price Kitchens, Baths, and Floors, we’re here to help you create a home you love. Contact a member from our team today at 954-634-2624 or visit us directly at 3603 NE 5th Ave. Suite 1, Oakland Park, Florida.

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