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6 Stylish Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you have decided to spruce up your bathroom this holiday season. But got a limited budget? Well, worry not we have got you covered. Revamping a bathroom shouldn’t mean days and weeks gone in labor, construction, and breaking the bank. 

Sometimes a quick, minimal design can help change the whole look. Hence, by the time you are done reading our take on stylish bathroom remodeling ideas, you will have your own creative juices churning to find a quick bathroom revamp solution for your bathroom.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

  • Marble It Up

Marble walls, flooring, and even counters and cabinets in the bathroom look extremely chic and classy. The best part about it, though? It looks high-end, while you may be able to achieve this luxurious look within your budget. It isn’t even necessary that you go about getting your whole bathroom marbled. But in fact, a little creativity with mix and match styling can give a great new touch to your bathroom. For instance, you can keep your sinks solid and contrasting to a marbled wall or keep your bath boundary marbled over a solid floor, etc.

  • Switch the Bath

One of the quickest bathroom remodeling ideas to create some space in your bathroom is to switch up your bath. Many traditional bathrooms that come with the house have a bath running along the sidewall that takes up quite unnecessary space, to be very honest. So the solution to make some space? Break down and move the bath area perpendicular to the farthest back wall in your bathroom. Place the toilet and the sink right beside each other, running along the sidewall where the bath was previously laid, and voila! You have plenty of room.

  • Flooring Goes a Long Way

Quite literally, good flooring goes a long way. So if you have decided that bathroom remodeling seems like a good idea, then start with flooring. You can run wild with the ideas on this one as you can go with almost anything as per your preference. The opportunities are endless, from laying down pebbles for a rustic look to laying down geometric tiles for a mid-century modern bath theme. Moreover, the best part is that you can pick the flooring design and material as per your budget and color choices.

  • Targeted Tiling

Not everybody is a fan of an entirely tiled bathroom. So for those people, this idea works best when it comes to bathroom remodeling. You can get rid of all the tiles, scrape up the walls and add a fresh coat of your favorite shade of paint to it. Next, you let your creative instincts take over as you till around the necessary areas like around the sink, taps, bath area or between the main wall, etc. Place tiles in different colors or patterns or create a honeycomb or geometric shape to add a new, bold look and color theme to your bathroom.

  • Vertical Vanity

Storage is one of the must-haves in the bathroom, especially if you live with your family. So in order to create storage space and accessibility when considering bathroom remodeling is to go from a low vanity to a vertical one. What a vertical vanity does is that it provides you with enough space for storage, yet you can place a mirror in from of the main door for the vanity. You can now design internal shelves with easily accessible, safely stored, and the bathroom looks minimal and spacious.

  • Palm Prints

One of the best ways to quickly spruce up your bathroom is to add a bold patterned wallpaper in your bath or shower area. Something along the lines of bright green palm prints looks stylish and adds a beautiful exotic touch to your bathroom. Moreover, you can go for a big, bold print or even scattered print as per your liking. It will not only add dimension but a much-needed pop of color to your whole bathroom.


Now that you are aware of some quick and budgeted yet stylish bathroom remodeling ideas, you might be able to spruce up your restroom space for New Year’s. Looking for a reliable and experienced remodeling service for your bathroom and kitchen? Best Price Kitchens, Baths, and Floors in Fort Lauderdale offer a complete line of cabinets, countertops, and tiles at the best prices in South Florida! We carry expertise in remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, and homes to serve our clients with home improvements they dream of.

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