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Top 3 Areas to Focus on When Preparing To Sell Your Home

Selling a house can be a daunting task. Meeting buyers every day, dealing with bargains, and bearing with the meticulous analysis can be nerve-wracking. 

If you want to make this process easier and avoid arguments about your sweet home, a few things should be checked and rectified in the house before listing it on sale. 

Remember, clean and appealing homes sell for more than properties in less desirable conditions. Buyers know the house won’t require much work upon move-in, and for that, they won’t hesitate to pay a premium. 

The top three necessary repairs and changes described below can make selling a bit easier and more profitable for you:  

1. Kitchen Renovation 

If you plan to sell your house, upgrading your kitchen can be a wise investment. The first thing your buyer will notice is your kitchen. 

Start with decluttering the mess around open shelves and kitchen counter to make it look more presentable. Fix any broken cabinets or missing or loose knobs. If your kitchen cupboards or cabinets are not attractive enough, get them polished or replaced right away. 

Next comes the marble top and stove; consider getting the marble tops polished before inviting the buyers. The shiny marble catches the eye immediately. Also, make sure you wipe off those greasy marks on the kitchen stove to avoid a tacky appearance. 

The drainage system of the sink and kitchen sanitary fittings is also important. Rusty sanitary and leaking sinks will only drop the value of your kitchen, despite those attractive cabinets and luxurious marble tops. 

2. Bathroom Remodeling 

Bathrooms are a necessity and not a luxury, but presentable bathrooms can instantly add value to your selling house. If you have a budget, consider remodeling your bathrooms, envisioning how you would love them to be. 

If your bathroom has space for a bathtub, you can get one installed or get some glasswork done to partition the shower area. Adding the latest bathroom vanity can be a great investment as it would immediately attract buyers with modern taste. 

A proper wardrobe and compact dressing area also provide an add-on benefit to your buyers. If your wardrobes need repairing, make sure you take care of them before inviting a buyer. 

While that was about the appearance, a proper drainage system and sanitary fittings in proper order is the necessity we were talking about earlier. It’s recommended that you take care of all the clogging and leaking problems beforehand to make a good first impression. 

3. Revamp the Flooring and Wall 

It’s impossible to fix the flooring or repaint the walls of the entire house. However, it must be done where it’s needed. 


If you’re lucky enough to have marble flooring in your house, get it cleaned and polished. A lustrous marble adds a luxurious look to your house and increases its value in money. 

If you have vinyl or wooden flooring, repair any wear and tear and remove all the apparent stains to give a pristine look. If you need professional help with it, professional cleaners in the market offer affordable flooring repair and cleaning. 


Untidy walls and paint chipping off is the last thing you want your buyers to see. If your house needs some fresh painting, pick a neutral shade with a common taste; ivory or creamy white shades can be the most appropriate option. 

There must be some creative drooling around the walls if you have kids in your house. As much as you love it, the buyers will not; you’ll have to clean that up as well. 

These minor details can matter to some of the meticulous buyers, and like they say, “the first impression is the last impression” make sure it’s a good one from your side. 

Pro-tip: Remove any personal portraits or wall hangings to maintain your privacy before you invite over some strangers to inspect your house. 

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