How to Reduce Clutter from Your Bathroom Counter

Bathroom counters can become very messy, very fast. Especially if two people are sharing a single bathroom – there is a greater chance that without regular cleaning and re-organization of things, your countertops would be covered with the things you use daily. 

Quite obviously, this can lead to fuss and hassle every morning to find things you need, optimum functionality, and most of all, the time it takes you to get ready. Not to mention if you have to pack for a travel reservation. That is when you realize that living like this on a daily basis doesn’t make sense. 

Hence, if you are looking for ways to clear out your bathroom counters and reduce clutter from the countertops in general – worry not as you have landed in the right place. We will share some tips and tricks that can make decluttering easy for you. 

So put on your Spotify playlist on shuffle, and let’s get started! 

  • Allow Accessible Storage Space 

Firstly, you have to ensure that you have accessible storage space in your bathroom. This way, you would be obligated to use that instead of leaving things lying around on the bathroom counter. There are many incredible ways to create accessible storage space, from storage shelves to drawers underneath the counters.  

You can even install retracting doors and drawers, so anything you place inside and nudge, the drawer is retracted instantly, saving you time and any clutter on the face of it. Overall, it will make up for increased practicality in the long run as you continue to buy and store stuff. 

  • Organize and Re-organize 

Next up in line is an organization of things. The best way to get started on this is by dedicating each storage space to each type of thing. For instance, allot a shelf to just hair care products. This way, you will know where all your hair care products are stored, can be taken from to use, and put right back after usage.  

Similarly, you can categorize other toiletries like towels, oral hygiene products, skincare products, body care, etc. It will greatly help you in reducing over-the-counter clutter as everything would go back to its dedicated place after use. 

  • Label Things Up 

Want to make things easier and extra efficient? Label them up! As shown in Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper has “a compulsive need to sort, organize and label the entire world around him.” While this may be borderline OCD, labeling things isn’t all that bad. It reduces the time it takes to find things and put them in place and looks efficient.  

For instance, when you categorize your toiletries and allot a shelf or drawer to each, you can label the drawer or cabinet door with the category name like ‘towels’ or ‘skin care’ etc. 

  • Clean and Sanitize 

Just because it is a bathroom countertop doesn’t mean it should be left dirty and unhygienic. Keeping the countertops clean is of great essence in the whole decluttering process. Because naturally, if you are concerned about the cleanliness of the countertop, you will keep it mess-free for ease of cleaning and maintaining its cleanliness.  

Moreover, regular cleaning and maintenance can make for a longer life for your granite countertops in Boynton Beach. It will give your bathroom a nice, clean look and help keep stuff hygienic and sanitized. 

  • Create a Habit of Putting Things Back After Use 

One of the greater challenges of decluttering and organizing stuff comes after the one organization spree you have just gone through – putting things back after use. It is a core habit that everyone should develop that can hugely impact keeping their bathroom counters mess-free and generally every room they use. So it is a good idea to maintain this habit right away. 

In Conclusion, 

Now, it might be clear to you how easy it actually is to keep your bathroom counters organized, clean, and decluttered. We hope our tips help you maintain a healthier, organized lifestyle and say goodbye to clutter and messy bathroom countertops. Cheers! 

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