Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

The latest trends for kitchen designs in 2022 show a radical shift from the traditional white-themed kitchens. Sustainability, storage, and return to color have been at the forefront of these new trends.  

Let’s dive in and see what kitchen remodeling in Boynton Beach will look like in 2022! 

Colorful Hues 

The traditional all-white kitchens are of the past. While still popular today, white kitchens will not be seen as the number one choice for many people in 2022. Neutral tones paired with vibrant colors such as reds, blues, and greens will become the new go-to.  

People are increasingly looking for a pop of color and oldness in their kitchens. Besides classic colors, shades of bright yellows and maroons will be seen in newer kitchen renovations in Boynton Beach.  

Custom Cabinetry  

Utilizing space while ensuring aesthetic value is crucial for kitchens in 2022. Homeowners in the United States are increasingly opting for built-in specialty organizers. The focus has now shifted toward crafting spaces that are creative and sustainable.  

With COVID-19, people spent a lot of time in kitchens, which led to people realizing the importance of storage spaces. Decluttering and organization became priorities since people sought a sense of calm and order. Kitchen renovations in Boynton Beach will see high-functioning kitchens without sacrificing design in 2022.  

Integrating Tiles  

Being easy to maintain and clean, tiles have always been a fan-favorite for kitchens. However, patterned tiles are being touted as the next big thing in kitchens. Many homeowners in the U.S. increasingly want to add character and depth to their kitchen spaces.  

Whether on walls or window jams, tiles offer a range of colors, patterns, shapes, and textures from which homeowners can choose. From inky blues to blush oinks, experimenting with tiles is for the bold-hearted risk-taker. However, monochrome designs are safe options if you’re new to tiles and don’t want to take a risk.  

Statement Countertops 

Kitchens in 2022 will go beyond just focusing on hardware finishes or cabinet designs. Statement-making, bold countertops will be the new focal point in kitchen remodeling. Boynton Beach residents are increasingly opting for Quartz and Granite countertops. However, marble isn’t far behind by much.  

Moving away from plain white slabs, 2022 will see more veiny marbled slabs. These countertops feature creamy, dark colors, and they go well with metallic finishes and detailing.  

Kitchen Islands and Sustainability  

People are spending more time in the kitchen, especially during coronavirus. Homeowners shifted their focus toward kitchen islands. Working from home meant people in compact living spaces utilized islands as makeshift desks and conference tables.  

With its newly found multi-purpose functionality, more people are using the extra space provided by kitchen islands. The extra space increases the prep space available, along with a place to enjoy the meals. The space below the counter allows for extra storage, ensuring no space is wasted.  

Patterned Flooring  

2022 will see a change in the mundane flooring usually found in homes. While hardware is still the go-to choice for many, people want to add a bit of pizzaz to their kitchen floors. Vinyl has become a popular choice due to its affordability and water-resistant properties.  

The latest kitchen renovations in Boynton Beach will involve patterned hardwood floors that use light and dark shades of wood to create two-tone inlays and patterns. Homeowners can upscale reclaimed wood found at flea markets.  

Detailing & New Material 

Details are a focal point in 2022. People get engrossed in detailing different aspects of the kitchen to enhance the kitchen’s ambiance. Finishing details such as where to place the socket for plugging in the food processor or choosing wall plates can be the decisive factor in your kitchen remodeling.  

Different materials are also being integrated into newer kitchens. Wood tones such as light oak and flat panel doors are trending in 2022. Distinct stones such as Travertine and Quartzite are becoming the people’s choice.  

Closing Thoughts 

If you want to be up-to-date with the latest design trends for kitchens in 2022, contact Best Price Kitchen and Bath for kitchen remodeling in Boynton Beach. They also offer kitchen renovations to give you the kitchen you dreamed of.  

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