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Four Reasons Why Quartz Counters are Cheaper in Oakland, FL

Quartz is a type of rock that has been used in construction for centuries. However, it is not as expensive as granite. Quartz is less expensive than granite because it can be produced in various colors and can be more easily cut into different shapes. With these properties, quartz is often cheaper to produce than granite and thus costs less money. This article will discuss why quartz is cheaper than granite in Oakland, FL.

1. Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of granite makes it difficult to work with. It is important to note that both quarried stone and granite have the same natural color and texture. The difference is in the rock’s chemical composition. Quarried stone has a much higher color and a lower color index. This means that the stone has a higher refractivity (reflects light), and thus, it is more visible when seen from afar. On the other hand, the lower color index of granite makes the stone appear darker in color.

2. Color

Quartz is typically found in the form of sandstone but can be mixed into concrete as well. However, it is not a common building material; most quartz countertops are used in the home or office. Quartz is easy to work with and very durable, but it does not absorb color well and can easily pick up yellowing over time. This is not a problem for counters mainly used for cooking, as most counters are not intended to be exposed to sunlight, but quartz can fade if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

3. Cutting

Granite is very difficult to cut and shape, while quartz is much easier to cut and shape. This makes quartz cheaper to produce. Granite is cheaper to produce than quartz, but it’s much harder to work and less easy to shape. However, it’s much more expensive to purchase granite than quartz.

4. Availability

Granite is found in a limited number of locations, while quartz can be found in many locations around the world. Quartz is produced using more efficient methods such as open-pit mining, which requires less labor. Quartz is also generally less expensive to quarry, and transport compared to granite, making it more cost-effective to produce.

5. Ease of Use

Granite is more difficult to cut, and shape compared to quartz, and it can be very heavy. Quartz can be cut and shaped easily. It is also much lighter than granite, making it easier to transport and install.

As with all gemstone production, proper care and maintenance are required. The best time to purchase granite is during the summer months. The rock is highly reflective and allows for more light than other times of the year. Granite is softer than quartz and is easier to cut into various sizes. If you’re looking for quartz counters or granite counters in Oakland, FL, contact Best Kitchens and Flooring today. We have all the best granite and quartz countertops in town. We also have a wide variety of laminate flooring.