The Story Behind The Craftsman Kitchen

Craftsman-style kitchens include rich wood finishes, wainscoting, and built-in storage to create an organic look. This kitchen design is ideal for those who seek a mix of classic and contemporary elements.

Craftsman-Style Kitchen History

Craftsman-style kitchens became popular in the early 20th century. The style arose in response to the industrial revolution’s mechanical means of producing extravagant furniture. This kitchen used natural materials created by carpenters and artisans. The movement emphasizes authenticity, harmony, and simplicity.

Craftsman Kitchen Elements

Some of the most prominent features in this design style are:

  • Earthy color palettes
  • Built-in shelving
  • Countertops and floors made of wood
  • Large pendant lights
  • Backsplash by an artist

These features combine to provide an organic but practical design.


Craftsman-style kitchen cabinets have straight, clean lines and little adornment. This kitchen’s major feature is natural wood. As a result, cabinets are composed of robust, long-lasting wood. Pre-made solid wood cabinets can work well in this kitchen, especially for homeowners who want this classic, high-quality aesthetic but are on a budget. Kitchen designers in Oakland Park, FL, can modify your kitchen project so that you have total control over the placement of the equipment and counter space.


There are several countertop design options. It is usual to see stone, granite, or quartz in white or beige. Typically, white or beige countertops are used. Dark colors should be avoided since they make the kitchen appear more traditional.

Soapstone is a good choice for countertops since it is a rigid, nonporous material that oxidizes with time. It may be painted to a high gloss or left in its natural matte condition. Another natural, organic-feeling tabletop choice is wood.

Color Scheme

The artisan movement’s purpose was to embrace high craftsmanship and the beauty of nature, and the color palette reflects this. This kitchen’s color palette is centered on warm and natural tones. Furthermore, the colors are moderate and never overpowering. The hue of the walls should complement any architectural characteristics in the room.


The furniture in this kitchen design is composed of high-quality woods, which are occasionally handcrafted to make the seams evident. They are detailed and long-lasting. The space’s fabrics might feature a traditional plaid or gingham motif. The kitchen may also have an arts and crafts type rug that incorporates the palette’s hues.

Breakfast Corner

Craftsman kitchens frequently have a breakfast nook for dining. The nook seats typically four to six people and include storage under the seat. The nook can be nestled into an interior or exterior wall and take up kitchen space that does not interfere with higher cabinet storage. In smaller Craftsman homes, the nook might substitute for a formal dining room.


Hardwood floors define the craftsman style. In this type of kitchen, oak and maple are frequently used. The wood, regardless of species, should be glossy and rich. If the homeowner does not want genuine wood in the kitchen, ceramic tile is available in realistic-looking wood planks in various colors ranging from white to gray to brown.


Finally, after some time, the kitchen will need to be remodeled. As a result, you can make wise design choices to guarantee that your kitchen looks excellent for years to come. Flooring contractors in Oakland Park, FL, can guide you on the most natural and cheap kitchen designs. Contact us to learn more.

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