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Is the Quartz Craze Over?

Quartz is a hard and waxy mineral that’s made of silicon dioxide. Some crystals are colorful, and others are colorless.  

Many consumers buy quartz products, so the craze isn’t over. Continue reading and you’ll understand why. 

Understanding the Craze – The Benefits of Quartz Countertops 

Quartz is a quality material for modern kitchen counters. Here are seven reasons why quartz countertops are a fad. 

It’s Easy to Coordinate during a Kitchen Renovation 

Quartz kitchen countertops have a consistent, clean look. As a result, it’s easy to incorporate quartz counters into any design scheme. Quartz is trendy because it creates balance in a kitchen.  

No-Hassle Repairs 

A quartz counter will less likely chip. If a section does break, it’s easy to replace.  

It Helps the Environment 

Quartz is made from regional and recycled minerals. The raw material is harvested from mines near the Earth’s crust. 

It Requires Minimum Maintenance 

You’ll never have to seal a quartz countertop to protect it. Other minerals will require a sealant. For example, a granite countertop needs to be resealed every year. 

It’s a Long-Lasting Mineral 

Raw quartz is almost indestructible. It’s stiffer and stronger than granite. 

It Doesn’t Harbor Germs 

Porous materials like granite attract bacteria. Quartz is a solid mineral, so it naturally counteracts germs. 

Types of Quartz – The Countertop Finish Craze for a Bathroom Remodel 

After quartz countertops are made, they’re strategically finished. Here are three fancy finishes for modern quartz counters. 

The Honed Finish 

A honed finish is also called a matte finish. To achieve this look, a quartz countertop is buffed until its surfaces are smooth. A honed quartz countertop doesn’t reflect light like other finishes. 

The Polished Finish 

Many consumers prefer quartz countertops with a polished finish. Polished quartz is shiny, so it can bounce light around a kitchen. This finish is a staple for kitchen and bathroom countertops. 

The Sueded Finish 

A sueded countertop has good texture and depth. It’s very similar to a honed finish. 

How to Take Advantage of the Quartz Craze – A Quick Buyer’s Guide 

Here are the essential guidelines for buying quartz countertops. 

The Guidelines for Seams 

If a countertop has a complicated configuration, it may require fabricated quartz sheets for multiple sections. Usually, an intricate quartz countertop will have one or more seams. 

Quartz Countertop Thickness Guidelines 

A normal countertop surface is 1/2 inches to 1/4 inches thick. If you’re renovating a large kitchen countertop, you’ll need a slab that’s over 1/4 inches thick. 

Quartz is still a fantastic choice for a kitchen renovation. It’s also a good, affordable flooring option for a bathroom remodel. If you need a fancy counter or affordable flooring, celebrate the craze and reap the benefits of quartz. 

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