How Prefab Cabinets Can Save You Time and Money During Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations have the habit of costing a fortune. Even something as seemingly simple as cabinets can significantly increase costs. If you are interested in new cabinets in Boynton Beach but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for them, contact Best Price Kitchens, Baths & Floors. For 20 years, we have cut out the middleman to work directly with our clients. As a result, this allows us to provide the best price on the market. Our fabrication and installation services can’t be beaten.

How can you save money on your cabinets? Purchase pre-assembled cabinets instead of custom-built. In this article, we will share the benefits of buying prefab.

They’re Affordable

As you may have guessed, the main reason people choose pre-assembled cabinets is that they are more affordable than their alternatives. Even better, you won’t skimp on quality, as some are led to believe. With dozens of materials, patterns, and design options, your guests will never believe your kitchen was outfitted with pre-assembled cabinets – so, don’t tell them.

Where will you be cutting back on costs? To start, the cost of the cabinets is significantly lower than customized cabinets. The labor involved is less intensive, so you will save a few dollars there, as well. Even if you end up making minor modifications, you will be amazed at how much more you save taking this route.  

Easy Installation

Perhaps the second most attractive feature about pre-installed cabinets is how simple they are to install. If you consider yourself a handyman (or woman), you can easily install them yourself. If you are not handy, however, hiring professional contractors, like the team at Best Price Kitchens, Baths & Floors won’t cost you a fortune.

Less Time-Intensive

The contractor spends less time installing prefab cabinets, but you will also spend less time working with the contractor to create a custom design. As the name implies, custom-built cabinets essentially mean built for your specific vision, or custom made. This will yield a unique product but consider the time you will need to put into your kitchen remodeling in Boynton Beach. Do you want the high-end aesthetic at a fraction of the involvement? If this is what you prefer, go with the pre-assembled alternative. It will still provide an outlet for your creativity to flourish, as it comes with a variety of options. Choose from different patterns, styles, and materials, like maple, pine, cherrywood, granite, or marble. Pre-assembled cabinets do not reduce quality – just time.

Dozens of Stylish Designs

You may be repelled by the idea of this style of cabinets as you think to yourself, “I want to save money, but I also want my kitchen to be stylish.” Who says you can’t have both? The definition of style varies from person to person, but one thing that remains the same across the board is the desire to have a stylish kitchen design.

As previously stated, pre-assembled cabinets come in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and materials. Their minimalistic design makes them perfectly suited for virtually every kitchen, no matter what the theme. The only way you jeopardize quality and style is by working with the wrong company. By contacting Best Price Kitchens, Baths & Floors, you have already avoided that costly mistake.

They Can be High-Quality

We have discovered a common misconception in our industry, and we would like to set the record straight. Most people believe that pre-assembled cabinets mean cabinets that are low-quality or used with materials that are inferior to their custom-made counterparts. This is not the case. It can be a possibility if you work with a manufacturer that uses low-grade material, but this is a possibility with expensive custom-made cabinets, too. However, by working with our team of industry professionals, this is one problem you will not have to worry about. If you have any questions about where our products are sourced, feel free to ask – we are proud of products and installation services and have nothing to hide.

Contact Best Price Kitchens, Baths & Floors

Take it from the experts – there is no reason to make your kitchen renovation more expensive and time-intensive than it should be. Where you can simplify and reduce cost, do so. In the end, don’t you want high-quality craftsmanship and a flexible look that can go well with any kitchen design? That is exactly what you will get even with prefab cabinets.

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