Best Price Kitchens Baths and Floors Offers 4 Factors in the Ultimate Client Question: “Do I hire a professional, or can I do it myself?”

Best Price Kitchens, Baths & Floors offers high-quality service and products for kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling in Boynton Beach. We provide discounts of up to 60% below market price in imported tiles, wood cabinets, exotic stone countertops, labor, and more. Yet even when prospective clients know all of this before coming in, they will often ask, “Can’t I just do all of this myself?” And the answer is, “Yes, absolutely!” That said, we want to caution that they consider everything involved, as DIY has a heavy focus on that “Y.”

Points to consider when deciding whether to hire a professional or do the work yourself:

What is the goal? It seems like a simple question, but there are actually a lot of details to inventory. Obviously, most folks consider doing the work themselves in an effort to save money. But when you are deciding between hiring a pro or doing it yourself (DIY), the scope of the project should be the first consideration. If you are looking to “demo” your space – gutting it entirely so you can redesign the layout from scratch – that’s remodeling. If your space and layout are remaining roughly the same and you are simply updating the surfaces? That’s redecorating.  It’s much easier to take on a redecorating project without a professional than a full remodeling. It might seem obvious when put in those terms, but many a DIY enthusiast has found themselves at a point where a change in décor has transitioned into a full build-out, and bringing a contractor in then can prove more costly than working with a professional from the beginning.


What is the risk? List everything involved in your project in terms of plumbing, electrical, ventilation, or any structural changes. Are you up to date with all the local building codes? Do you know your options if you fail an inspection? If you subcontract any part of the project, do you know the best ways to follow up and ensure quality work was delivered? Without a professional designer and remodeler, you carry all the risk.


How are my design skills…really? No matter how many home remodeling shows someone watches, a professional kitchen designer and remodeler will have options and features to which most nonprofessionals have yet to be exposed. There are training and experience behind their recommendations that will be particular to your space. Both kitchens and bathrooms have considerations like appliance size and placement, plumbing locations and options, entrance requirements, and more. When you hire Best Price Kitchen, Bath & Floors in Boynton Beach, for example, a trained professional will deliver a high-quality design with attention to functionality, by itself ensuring security in your investment. At the end of the day, you want this project to add to your home’s value, not detract from it.


Can I find everything I need? The answer to that depends on how involved your design has gotten. Is it just flooring? Or do you require countertops? Cabinets? A backsplash? There are suppliers to visit, deliveries to schedule, storage that needs to be arranged so it’s out of the way until you install it…taking on the role of general contractor means a lot of coordination with a variety of interests. So, when you are budgeting, be sure to budget for your time, personally. How much are you costing yourself by doing all the legwork yourself?

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When the project is complete, the question you will have is, “Did Best Price Kitchens, Baths & Floors give me resources I may not have had myself, reduce my risk, open my mind to designs I never considered, save me time and money by doing all the work while avoiding mistakes, and deliver on what they promised?” For the answer, please take a look at our Gallery of Kitchen and Bathroom remodels, use our Visualize Your Design app to get some ideas, and then call us at 772-320-5165 to get a free quote featuring the “best price” on the market with quality and punctuality. We’ll bring the best fabrication and installation services directly to your home.

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